How do you organize the guest list?

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How do you organize the guest list? Often this is a question that couples wrestle with, due to obligation, family pressure and budgets. The following quick tips offer some insight into the topic. These are the very kind of things we at Mrs Hancock’s deal with everyday when we work with our clients. We have the know the right approach to handle the many challenges couples face when planning a wedding, let us work with you make sure your day is stress free insuring you and your families are “present” and remember every moment.

According to the website the average number of guests nationwide is 166. The guest list can be a real issue for couples who do not want to offend or go into debt due to expectations of others.

There is always the destination wedding, and a party upon return to help with costs. Love this one! BUT if that is not an option, some tips…

It is no longer the responsibility of the bride’s family to pay for out-of-town’ guests travel and lodging. Times have changed, and they pay for their own.

Cut guests you have outgrown, invite out of intent, people who are in your life today and limit the ones who have drifted.

Cut “work” friends you don’t socialize with outside of the office; They will understand more than you know.

Ultimately, remember people make the wedding memorable, invite those who matter most and will be in your life going forward.

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