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Focusing on Etiquette, Character, Confidence… and  Fun!

By focusing on Etiquette, Character and Confidence – our students end up happier. They exhibit better attitudes and are more willing to participate in every aspect of life. Our Students are happy, civic minded, well rounded and well mannered. Our Curriculum focuses on contemporary social and communications skills which build self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others – all in a fun and entertaining setting. Private lessons for your child or children are available in your home. Our Design-A-Program will fit the special needs of your family!

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A bit about our philosophy…

Etiquette is the tool we use to teach kindness, consideration, proper grammar, posture; social grace, confidence, character lessons and more. At Mrs. Hancock's we believe good manners are not mere actions but a reflection of one's self-respect, respect for others; level of confidence, self-esteem and success. That’s why we teach children and adults to master these important skills and apply them to everyday life!

Children really respond to our presence and our teachings! You'll see and feel immediate changes, a new found sense of purpose and direction and, notice a happier day-to-day existence in your Children, once they understand that they do have some control over how their days move forward.

Your family might simply wish for an intermediary to sit with your Children to discuss varying issues that are clearly becoming problems in the home. As parents we understand that you’re inured in the daily running of your household. As your "etiquette-nanny", we can be objective about what we see and any information you share with us about your Children helps. We can offer assistance in a variety of ways; for example, we've been known to turn down the volume in many Valley homes by using our classes or just discussion time to cover:

  • Sibling rivalry and in-fighting
  • Domineering children
  • Younger/Older children and the power struggles
  • ADD/ADHD and ODD disordered children
  • Pointing out enabling behaviors of parents
  • When Mom and Dad are happy…
  • Dealing realistically with children of divorce
  • Your behavior affects everyone either positively or negatively
  • Personal responsibility: "Rules, Respect and Reasoning"
  • and more…

We help offer Children a sense of personal awareness and confidence, with the understanding that their family is a TEAM. This information oft times will, on its own, help children garner a sense of kindness and consideration toward other family members and more times than not, is better coming from someone other than a parent or family member.

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Our customized children's etiquette programs offer age-appropriate instruction designed to build self-confidence and leadership qualities that will last a lifetime; ensuring real world success. With our Design-A-Program, we can build the perfect set of classes to cover what you deem most important. Or, you may consider a one-time visit; it's up to you and we come to you!

The typical 4-week Introduction to Etiquette, in-home class is built thusly:

  1. Week One/Session One: Introduction to Etiquette
  2. Week Two/Session Two: Socialization and Character Building
  3. Week Three/Session Three: Personal Responsibility
  4. Week Four/Session Four: You don’t need a cape to be a “Hero!”

All classes are 45 – 90 minutes in length, depending upon the Children's ages. Please contact our office for a consultation to discuss your families' needs.

How our Mrs. Hancock's programs differ from ALL others

  • We don't 'finger wag'!
  • Your Kids will really have fun and will look forward to classes!
  • Children respond to our "RULESRESPECT and REASONING" message.
  • Etiquette is the tool we use to build confidence!

"Like Diamonds in the rough; once polished, Children become admired for their brilliance and quality!" ~ Mrs. Hancock and Ms. Jennifer

  • Is your Child is shy or non-communicative?
  • Do they need a sense of place in their family and among their peers?
  • Do they need to know how special and exceptional they are?
  • Are you confident about your Child's future as they move forward socially, speaking?
  • Do they fit-in well or are you worried they won't?
  • Are they full of bluster and attitude, not taking into account others' needs and parents and teacher's requests?
  • Do you notice a lack of kindness in your Child?

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We work with schools and educators

Mrs. Hancock's instructors teach in school districts all over the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Are we teaching in yours?

Private, charter, public--we love our Kid students! Good manners, makes great kids and even better adults! Table etiquette, proper grammar, socialization skills, character building lessons, personal responsibility; kindness and consideration for others and so much more! We'll Design-A-Program that meets your school's needs.

Our 4-week classes are fun and interactive and your Children will learn a lot (the added bonus for an after-school program)!

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