News and Updates

In Other News...

We're VERY proud to announce our newest Corporate Client: Inside Out Learning, run by Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartmann, PhD. We're now a part of their training programs, and are assisting with their Corporate Protocol training.

Past Events and News...

The Brownies, Daisy's and now Cub Scouts have been keeping us VERY busy the past year. If you lead or co-lead a Troop, we have a terrific 1-hour class for your youngsters. Please call the office for more information! 602.234.1200

Need a public speaker or corporate etiquette trainer? We've worked with small businesses and large corporations. Additionally, many College-aged students' events at local Universities and for various sorority and business fraternities; the reviews have been glowing! We'll afford you a fast response to your inquiry!

Do you have Teens you'd like to take classes? We're love putting together classes for this age group. We recently were brought in by a Scottsdale Family that had a young man, aged 15 and his fellow football team members joined us for two consecutive Sunday afternoons for classes. We're happy to put something together for your family and their friends, any time. Our classes will really help your Teens and they'll have a great time; and learn a lot! Please take some time to read our testimonials!

We have wonderful new classes on Bullying and Leadership skills for young people. Give our office a ring and let's see how we can be of service!

Our latest CLASS addition: Penmanship. Think cursive is dead? Neither do we. We're happy to come in and work with your children or students.



We've had the great pleasure to work with the wonderful Moms, Friends and Volunteers at M.A.S.K. (Mother's Awareness on School Aged Kids).  Their annual fund raising gala affords community outreach and educational visits to local schools; speaking on everything from Bullying to Huffing; sexting to eating properly.  They publish a wonderful magazine, too!  If you have the time to volunteer, why not contact Kimberly Cabral at 480.502.5337.  They're wonderful people working for a wonderful cause: Educating Parents and Kids on the topics that matter most.  Join us, won't you?