Please take a moment to read through the testimonials below to see what people are saying about us and our services!

"Mrs. Hancock--Thank you again for your generous donation of time to the girls of Florence Crittenton. The etiquette lesson you developed for them was spot on, and the gift bags you provided were a wonderful touch. I enjoyed working with you to make this tea such a success and I appreciate your charitable spirit and your willingness to jump on board with this project from the first phone call that I made to you. My hope is that the biggest lesson that the girls came away with is that people care enough to put in an effort with them, and that they are worth it! Again, than you for the time and
heart that you put into this cause."
~ Sincerely, Ms. M.M., VOS Active20-30

"Mrs. Hancock--Thanks for your time! Effort and great energy!!....You and your Staff were absolutely superb! Thank you for spending your time and sharing your knowledge with our girls--they truly enjoyed the afternoon and took much from your entertaining instruction! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
~ Warmest regards, Mrs. B.C., Florence Crittenton

"So Logan took 4 wks of manners classes with Milan at our house with Mrs. Hancock. We weren’t sure if anything sunk in, but today when we were eating lunch with the boys at the adobe, Carson started talking to him and Logan, who had just taken a very large bite of chicken finger, said “Carson I can’t talk to you right now because I have my mouth is full”. Funny! Last week he told his daddy to “get your elbows off the table”…not bad for two and a half…Go Mrs. Hancock!"
~ Mrs. J.R., Phoenix, Boy aged 2 1/2

Adult Testimonials

"Dear Mrs. Hancock, Thank you so much for your presentation at the ABLA & ABWA Business Etiquette Dinner. It was one of the best etiquette programs that we have ever encountered. Your insight was very profound addressing not only the outward actions linked to etiquette, but touched base with an inner sense of confidence and character. We really appreciate your time and are truly thankful for your wisdom."
~ Thank you, Asian Business Leaders Association

"I was fortunate enough to attend a Business Etiquette presentation by Mrs. Hancock at a NAAAP meeting. I was inspired by Mrs Hancock's presentation to be a more confident business woman as she politely gave suggestions on proper Social Etiquette with family and co-workers. There were also tips on emails, written notes, RSVP's, dressing for meetings, and table etiquette. The entire presentation was done tastefully with class and humor inserted in all the right places! I strongly recommend calling Mrs Hancock to speak at your next company meeting you will be pleasantly surprised by the positive effect it will have on your employees."
~Mrs. G.W., Gibert, AZ

"We cannot thank Mrs. Hancock’s enough for graciously providing careful attention to our Etiquette dinner. The crowd was a tough one (considering that it consisted primarily of college students), but the knowledge and excitement that Ms. Davis portrayed is truly unique. Everyone who was in attendance was amazed at how much etiquette they learned and how much they had fun learning those important skills! We hope to use Mrs. Hancock’s in the future and we highly recommend them to anyone wishing to find out a little more (or a lot more!) about etiquette and character. Cheers!"

~ Arizona State University Etiquette Dinner Event, ASU/ABWA
Ms. C. F., Event Coordinator

"Mrs. Hancock, Just want to let you know that everyone loved your “Corporate E-mail Etiquette “ training presentation, they have been raving about it all morning. Employees that were not able to attend are asking when will you return. I, personally, want to thank you, I felt re-inspired, renewed, and empowered to take back “my power” and take charge again. You reminded me, that it is all about me: my self-respect, the respect I give others, the actions/responses I give in return, even in the most difficult situations with the most difficult people, in any form of communication. That I need to project what I want people to see, not allowing others to mold me into something I am not and do not want to be. Thank you, again, for an excellent training session."
~ Mrs. E.P., Human Resources Director (Phoenix)

"Thank you, Mrs. Hancock for helping me reveal my true, inner self to the world. I highly recommend your services to anyone who needs that extra push of encouragement and motivation to pursue their goals personally and professionally."
~ Ms. M.T., Tempe

"Aloha, Mrs. Hancock... thank you for such a wonderful experience! Our entire Team learned so many valuable lessons not only for their purpose here at work, but for them to apply out in the "real world" as well. I see more smiles, teamwork, confidence, actual listening to our guests needs, better communication and even less hair everywhere!!! J Thank you so very much for touching on all aspects of customer service and for most importantly incorporating our beliefs, and values into the presentation. From the moment I contacted you, I knew we were in for a "treat!" You, without a doubt made a memorable impression on each and every attendee!!! Many, Many, Many Mahalos!!!"
~ Mrs. J.M., Restaurant Manager, Chandler, AZ

"All of the attendees learned a lot and were very happy with the lunch & lesson! Never again will I worry about not knowing where my bread plate and drink are!"
~ Ms. G. T, Phoenix

"I learned many things...but the most important lesson I learned was a much more general one - in my interactions with others, basic decency, kindness and consideration will not only allow me to present myself at my best, but may also allow me the presence of mind to help the people around me to feel more comfortable and to be able to present themselves at their best."
~ Mrs. S. D. D, Esq., Phoenix

"I came to see Mrs. Hancock after a "job" change to improve my adult business and life skills. The information and service I received was worth far more than money. I was able to leave her business with a whole new lease on life and how I can persue a "career" for the future. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that is looking to improve their way of life, personally and professionally, as well. A Million Thanks!!"
~ Ms. K.C., Phoenix

Parent Testimonials

"So we have kids. It happens. Sometimes it happens when we never expected. Sometimes it happens when we didn’t want it. Sometimes it happens and we were thrilled. Ultimately, it happens. What we do with “It” is the key to our happiness and their success, and thereby the success of our society.

One of my missions as a parent was to raise a young man who recognized his responsibility to society by becoming a responsible citizen. When my son was in his teens, we had a set monthly dinner with his good friend and mother, at a nice local restaurant. It was always a beautiful moment. One of our sons would pick up the respective couple, drive us to our dining destination, hold the door, hold the chair, order for us, lead the conversation, use proper table manners, and WE WOULD PAY!

We preened as we watched our sons, listened, and corrected when necessary. We knew our job was to not be their friend. We were present to mentor, teach, and expect respect. The necessity for manners was a given; i.e. yes mam, no sir, thank you, please, let me hold that door for you, and so it goes. However, respect is not given, unless respect is demanded. Yes, demanded. Sometimes one must earn respect, however in a parent | child relationship, respect is expected, and required for a successful outcome of a very well “baked” child.

Expect more from your children. Respect is important. Respect is true success. Respect for one’s self and for one’s fellow man is necessary for civility. Teach your children respect to assure their success, your pride and peace of mind, and for the good of our society. There is solid help out there. Do your children a favor and give them the self confidence to propel them into the extraordinary. For more information, contact my good friend, Mrs. Hancock. She is loveliness in motion." (That's Mrs. Berry's now-grown son, pictured above and we thank him for his service and for being such a great guy, all the way around)!   ~ Iconic Design Studio

Hello Mrs. Hancock,
Samantha very much enjoyed the lessons you taught her and we look forward to reinforcing them throughout the year. We've seen a noticeable difference in her manners and how she greets our friends, new teachers, etc. It's great that she was taught so many new social skills while having fun at the same time. In fact, she missed you last weekend and asked when you can come back. We definitely got our money's worth and will be happy to refer you to other parents. Feel free to post any of my comments as a testimonial and.... again, thank you!  ~Mrs. C. L., Phoenix, AZ

"Mrs. Hancock came to the Club to provide a Youth Leadership Seminar to our new Youth Board of Directors, ages 11-17. I was hesitant about how the range in age would respond to a class like this because I was worried the older “kids” would be bored. This was not the case at all. The content and length of the class was perfect and applicable to any age. I was reminded of some of my favorite motto’s to live by. All of the kids were engaged and I am confident each one of them took something away from the class. One mom told me today that her son "just loved it.""
~ Cheri Farias, The Country Club at DC Ranch, Activities Director

"Mrs. Baxter: Thank you for coming to our Girl Scout meeting today! The girls learned a great deal and had fun in the process! It is obvious that you love what you do! We appreciated your sincere enthusiasm and the lifelong skills that you taught the girls. I also learned a few things. I would be happy to refer Mrs. Hancock's to other troops or friends in the future and feel that the program that you offer is wonderful. Again, thank you very much!"
~ Mrs. C. W., Grayhawk Girl Scouts

"Hello Mrs. Hancock, I would like to thank you for the wonderful Brownie meeting that you did for my Girl Scout troop. The delightful rapport that you established with the girls made the subject fun and they were thrilled to earn the "Manners" Try-It badge. The important lessons that you shared with them will serve them well as they grow into young women. I have heard several positive comments from the girl's parents on how much they learned from you and have shared their new knowledge with their families. It was truly an outstanding program for the girls of our troop. Thank you again for a terrific meeting."
~ Sincerely, Andrea Johnson. Brownie Troop 2068

"Hi, Mrs. Hancock: I just wanted to send a Thank you for your coming to our NCL 2016 meeting on September 19th. You were wonderful, educational and patient. It was amazing to me how many of the girls found your information to be brand new to them. Tells us all what a need there is for your services. I did want to make sure that you received a note from our girls thanking you. They all were very impressed and enjoyed it as well. I personally will look to you in the future should my youngest daughter takes this same route or there is an opportunity for your services again."
~ Mrs. K.M., Grade Level Advisor 2016, National Charity League, Sonoran Centennial Chapter, North Scottsdale

"Mrs. Hancock, This is an overdue thank-you....your expertise and services were appreciated. I hope my very casual and very teenage children did not cause you any grief. Maggie is making strides to become a more graceful young lady. I am grateful for your efforts and know that your teachings will be a part of her future behavior. Thanks again. If there are any other suggestions feel free to offer them. I would be most appreciative. Sincerely,"
~ Mrs. S. T., Anthem, AZ

"I truly enjoyed having your instructor visit my Girl Scout Troop, I was skeptical I have to admit. The girls had fun but were a bit wound up, I was not sure how much they would take away. I was thrilled to see how excited my daughter was to show off what she learned at home that night, putting her napkin in her lap, keeping her elbows off the table and asking to be excused from the table! I was even more excited to see it last. As with most 6 year olds the days are hit and miss, but so often she still uses all her manners, even reminding me to get my elbows off the table. She has been the most consistent with asking to be excused from the table; so much so that her little sister followed her lead and asks to be excused from the table as well. Thank you so much and I look forward to having another class for my Troop this fall!"
~ Mrs. G.M., Phoenix, AZ

"Dear Mrs. Hancock, We just want to express our appreciation and praise to Ms. Davis for the wonderful two private sessions that she gave to our son, Daniel. My husband and I were both present during the lessons and admired so much Ms. Davis’s way of interacting and connecting with our son which ultimately led to effective teaching. We are already seeing such a difference in his table presence at dinner! He knows what to do, what our expectations are, and is more importantly, having fun with his newly learned skills. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hats off to you for running a business such as this to help preserve and keep the tradition of good manners alive! Sincerely,"
~ Mrs. and Mrs. S.J., Phoenix

"Mrs. Hancock will not disappoint. She personifies the poise, manners and etiquette she teaches and has a wonderful way with kids. My boys learned a lot of terrific life lessons in their three sessions with Mrs. Hancock, and I saw a marked improvement in their conduct toward one another and other people they would not have taken the time to notice before – i.e., older folks needing a hand with the door, customer service folks that appreciate "May I", "please" and "thank you." It was clear that they internalized the lessons they heard from Mrs. Hancock far better than similar suggestions from their parents. Do your kids a favor and call Mrs. Hancock. You will be glad you did."
~ Mrs. C.A., Scottsdale/Prescott, AZ

"Just to let you know, Mrs. Hancock, the boys are definitely taking in the instruction. Gary is ready to buy some fine china and Westin is very clear about elevator etiquette. Good stuff and great instruction for the boys. Thanks and we'll see you again soon."
~ Mrs. C.A., Prescott/Scottsdale, AZ

"Mrs. Hancock, Thank you so much for the incredible presentation to the Brownies yesterday! Next time your class is offered at Sierra, my dauther will attend. All of the girls enjoyed the class and learned! Focusing on strength in women is so important to their development and proper etiquette is becoming a "lost art" in our society. A class such as this would benefit any child. We want you to be a regular contributor to our girls education. Stay tuned as I am going to send an e-mail out the the other leaders at Sierra and let them know how valuable your presentation can be to their troops. Take care and again, thanks. Best regards"
~ Troop Leader #1145

"Dear Mrs. Hancock, this morning at breakfast, my daughter, Kate, reminded me it is best to sit with good posture. She then went on to explain why. You clearly made an impression on her! The reviews of your visit have been marvelous! You are blessed with the power to make a positive impact on our world. On behalf of all the Brownies, the families and all who benefitted from your visit to All Saint's Episcopal Day School, thank you! We so appreciate your knowledge, instruction and, most especially your kindness. All the best."
~ Mrs. M. S., Phoenix, Brownie Mom/Hostess

"Dear Mrs. Hancock, thank you for your manners presentation to our Brownie Troop 184 at All Saint's.In addition to fine points on dining, I especially liked your comments on exclusion of friends and saying "excuse me" vs. "I'm sorry"--Not replying to an RSVP is one of my personal pet peeves so thank you for mentioning that, also. I have heartily recommended you to our cub scout leaders as I believe the boys would benefit greatly. Thank you again."
~ Mrs. M.C., Brownie Leader

"Dear Mrs. Hancock, I am writing this letter to let you know what an absolutely beautiful job our Daughter did on the day of her becoming a Bat Mitzvah. She spoke loudly and clearly, she was articulate, and she was completely poised. She stood up straight with, what appeared to be, all the confidence in the world. She was beautiful. Thank you for helping her along. I know she enjoyed her time with you, and I think you had a very positive influence on her experience that day. I hope to set up other times for you to meet with the children. I’ll keep in touch and we can put something on the calendar. Warmest regards and sincere thanks,"
~ Mrs. A., Phoenix, AZ

"(He) could not stop talking about his time in your class. He said as soon as we got into the car that he would like to go again. Please put him on the list (for your next class), and when you require payment, let me know.
You are both angels from God 🙂 ".
~ Mrs. H., Mesa, AZ, 8 year old Boy

"Mrs. Hancock and Ms. Jennifer - I want to thank you both for providing my daughters with such a great experience this past weekend! Both girls loved the class and continued to talk about it for the rest of the evening. We're looking forward to having them continue to practice what was covered each day 😉 They both liked it so well, that they want to attend another class!".
~ Mrs. D., Chandler, AZ, 8 and 9 year old Girls

Mrs Hancock's....HUGE thumbs up!!! My son, Kyle, has taken two classes at Mrs. Hancock’s and participated in one "On the Road" experience. My husband and I were VERY impressed with how much he learned in such a short time. He enjoyed his time with Mrs. Hancock and Ms. Jennifer and has been asking when he can go back. When his manners get a little "out of sorts", he even tells us that "maybe I need to go back to Mrs. Hancock’s". Huge thumbs up!!!
~ Mrs. A.S., Surprise

"I would like to express my deepest gratitude and thanks for the awesome changes in Miechelle's attitude, confidence, and growing perception of herself"
~ Ms. T.G., Phoenix

"I wanted to let you know how wonderful the kids have been ever since enrolling them in your curriculum. They eat with table manners in and outside the house, and they know when it's their turn to converse with Mom and Dad. We thank you for your help and most of all, your friendship. The kids even correct me when I don't use good manners!"
~ Mr. R.J., Scottsdale

"I am writing to thank you and to let you know how much your School has helped my daughter Autumn...the Intro to Etiquette class didn't only teach her good manners, but it's taught her confidence, poise and grace. You helped her with social skills that attain friendships not only in the classroom, but in her outside life too."
~ Mrs. S. J., Peoria

"I have noted many positive behavioral changes in Zachary since his return on Sunday; self initiative with showering, dressing, making his bed, brushing his teeth, willingness to start and complete homework, speaking in a polite manner, and respect for authority...I am encouraged by his newly developed self motivational skills. Clearly, the techniques you teach are very effective and they have gone a long way in helping restore peace in my home."
~ Mrs. K.L, Scottsdale

"Our Daughters are already showing signs of better behavior. They say 'May I' and they love to use it.....we're very happy and our friends are noticing. Thank you!"
~ Mrs. J.T., Avondale

"... I am just so impressed! And, so pleased with Franklins' behavior. Everyone says "how really, really nice he is" and He's so cute... Thank you so much for such a wonderful program and classes. He had a wonderful time learning!"
~ Mrs. M. S., Glendale

"...The Doctor and I appreciate you spending time with our Teenagers. You have really been an inspiration to them and it's made quite a difference in their attitudes."
~ Dr. and Mrs. C.A., Phoenix

"The Kids really enjoyed themselves and their manners are certainly better."
~ Mrs. K. H., Phoenix

"Last year, a business associate forwarded me an email about (the) upcoming classes with Mrs. Hancock, Inc. I signed my children up and it has made a real difference in our lives. I have attended the camp site in Cottonwood, experienced the classes and curriculum, first-hand and visited the Thomas school, which is just fabulous...these courses will be useful and helpful to all who participate - our children will be the beneficiaries. Enjoy.
~ Ms. S. A., Phoenix

Pageant Testimonials

"Thank you so much for your coaching, it really did help!... thank you, she had much more confidence and understanding after spending time working with you..."
~ Terry Beauford, Mother of Ashley Beauford

"Just wanted to drop a line to thank you ever so much for your help preparing for my pageant! I won best eyes, best smile, best hair, best introduction, and best gown and 4th runner up. I didn't get the crown, but I had an amazing time... I couldn't have done any of it without you and you are greatly appreciated!! Thanks again!!"
~ Ashley Beauford (first time contestant) 2010 Miss Coed Freedom 4th Runner-up

From the Kids themselves

"Dear Mrs. Hancock: It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for teaching me about etiquette. I appreciate you educating me with things I can use for the rest of my life. You were a wonderful
teacher. Thanks for making the past several weeks super fun. I hope your summer is a happy time."
~ Yours Truly, K. G., Chandler, AZ, 11 year-old Girl

"Dear Mrs. Hancock: Thank you for teaching me etiquette and much, much more. I really liked your classes. It was nice meeting you and I look forward to seeing you next summer."
~ Sincerely, W.K., Chandler, AZ, 9 year-old Boy

"Dear Mrs. Hancock: I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into teaching us the past several weeks. I have learned so much and can't wait to use and practice my skills throughout the rest of my life. Also thank you for being so kind the whole time. It was very nice meeting you and I hope you have a good summer."
~ Take Care, S. G., Chandler, AZ, 11 year-old Girl

"Dear Mrs. Hancock: Thank you for teaching me etiquette, socialization and character. I really enjoyed the classes. It was a pleasure meeting you. I hope to see you next summer."
~ Sincerely, E.K., Chandler, AZ, 11 year-old Girl

"Dear Mrs. Hancock, Hello, this is Elizabeth James from the Phoenix Mercury Adopt-A-Team, Maryvale High School. On the behalf on my team we would just like to say thank you for allowing us come and learn about proper etiquette. You have taught all of us so much and we just want you to know that we appreciate and thank you for that. We have learned so much about etiquette but also about character and how to be confident but not come off as arrogant. The things you have taught us today will stay in our lives and make us better people. As we were on the ride home we were conversing about how we thought we knew how to eat and behave at a restaurant but we were wrong, and we thank you for showing us the proper way. Again we thank you and appreciate your time."
~ Sincerely, Elizabeth C. James, MVHS, Adopt-A-Team 2010

"Dear Mrs.Hancock, thank you for coming to our Brownie meeting and teaching us so much about manners. I told my family about some of the manners you taught us. I really leaned a lot about being polite to others."
~ Your friend, Miss J. G., Troop 184, All Saint's Episcopal Day School

"Thank you for all the time that you put into teaching me manners, and for teaching me about the house, so one day when I grow up, get married, and have children I can make sure that they follow the manners that you have taught me. I enjoyed your manners class, especially the home economics part. I taught everybody at home the stuff that you taught me. Thanks for all your time and effort."
~ J.C., Cave Creek 13 y/o boy