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“Zoe, Melinda, you ladies ROCK! I never thought I needed a planner, but as the day got closer, I realized I made a big mistake. I was sent to you by my dear friends at CWLife Photography…” Read More

“I will never be able to thank them enough for sending me in the right direction, straight to your team. Just knowing you were a quick call or text message away, leading up to the wedding, was enough to keep me calm. There were so many details I never even thought of, and you took care of it all. Everyone at the wedding was so impressed with your professionalism. Your emergency kit was a god-send, especially when my cousin lost his buttons, twice. You got the little jacket to me within minutes, when we discovered it wasn’t with the dress. You handle all the little surprises that showed up, I didn’t stress about anything. I have heard stories about brides who hardly remember their wedding day, because they are so nervous and stressed. I think there is hardly a moment I DON’T remember, because I was so relaxed. Your team was there, and I knew I didn’t have to worry. I could sing your praises for hours and hours…..bottom line, you are the best thing that happened to my wedding. Every bride should invest in a planner, and Mrs. Hancock’s team is the best in the business, hands down.”

~ Mrs. K. Gonzalez, Married October 14th, 2011

“What can I say to you Mrs. Hancock and your team? You helped make my niece’s wedding a truly pleasurable and relaxing day for her, her mom and maid of honor along with the rest of the party…” Read More

“I just love what you all do! We had no worries if something came up, you all took care of it. It was awesome! Without you I think we all would have been going crazy trying to coordinate things ourselves. From getting water for anyone that needed it; to tracking a sewing kit, and everything — I just can’t say or express how awesome y’all are. I watched you coordinate things from the morning to the end –you and your team are awesome! I would recommend you to anyone not just for weddings but for any major event. Hopefully, one day I will have the chance to use your company when my daughter gets married. Thank you Mrs. Hancock I can’t say that enough. Melinda thank you for always being there for me, too and don’t forget fanning the napkin stack, take glasses, spin and all the fanned napkins. All of you guys were awesome just can’t remember everyone’s names (that would be Cindy and Janet, Aunt Nancy :) You guys were always on the go! May God bless you all and keep you safe and happy in all you do. Your are the GREATEST. I just kept saying that all night to everyone!”

~ Paternal Aunt Nancy, October 14, 2011 Wedding

….”You turned our wedding from something great, into something people dream about…” Read More

“You are truly an asset to Mrs. Hancock and any bride would be lucky to have you at their side. I know we were! Our Guests loved you and could not stop talking about you. We love you, thank you.”

~ Mr. A.P., Glendale, AZ

“5  Stars all the way…. Zoe Hancock, and Kelley Hurley are my rockstars from the wedding…” Read More

“We hired them as day of coordinators and they really ensured that my wedding dreams/vision came through. Everything was perfect. My fiance was skeptical at first about why we would need a wedding planner but at the end of the day he was super thankful they were there. He was thankful that Mrs. Hancock’s was there at rehearsal picking up all our items for the Big Day and just seeing the stress come off his fiance really put his heart at ease that theyre worth every penny. On our wedding day, he said “lets ask Amy” or “Thank God Zoe is there” or “Kelley got me some antacids” and I really felt at ease knowing that he needed them as much as I did :) . Our families raved at them throughout the evening and the next day at brunch. They complimented at how hard they worked that day and how helpful they were to the bride/groom/ and every single guest. There are no words to express how important it is for a bride to not just hire a planner… but to HIRE MRS HANCOCK’s. I planned the wedding and when the week of the wedding came, these 3 ladies/angels/lifesavers were there to take it off my hands and deliver. If you’re a bride and doesnt want to plan the wedding, EVEN BETTER. Whatever help you need for the wedding, they are THE BEST. Now i have gained life long friends and I couldn’t have imagined my wedding day without them. I remember thinking multiple times before the wedding day and during, “How does a bride do it without them?!” Don’t be one of those brides :) Trust me and INVEST in them. Worth every penny.”

~ Mr. and Mrs. A.S., Gilbert, AZ

“Even if I knew every word of the English Language, I would still be at a loss to describe just how perfect my wedding day was…” Read More

“From the moment we hired Zoe and Amy, I knew I was in good hands, and my faith in their abilities was rewarded handsomely. Without a doubt, my day was the one I had dreamed of for my entire life. What I never counted on, as I began wedding planning, was that there might be so many pieces of the puzzle that needed to be sorted out and then put together to make my dream a reality. I wanted to make sure every detail of the wedding felt personal to my husband and me, but realized that no matter how much work I did before hand, without help, nothing would be as beautiful as I had imagined it. Zoe and Amy took every piece of my wedding puzzle (some still in boxes and plastic bags!), and put together a picture more beautiful than the one I had imagined! Zoe and Amy, even as the memories of my centerpieces and dinner plate fade, and I forget exactly who said what and to whom, what I will never forget is how special you both made me feel on my wedding day. My happiness seemed to be the most paramount concern of the day. I doubt I will ever have another day in my life where it will all be about me –thank you both for helping me make the most of it”!

~ Mrs. A.R., Fountain Hills, AZ

“When I first started the wedding planning process, I was sure that I could totally handle it by myself…” Read More

“After all, its just a party for 75 people, and I entertain pretty good sized groups of people fairly often. Once I really got into the details I realized that I had to have help….otherwise, I was not going to enjoy a minute of the day that I was spending so much money on and that was so important to me. Enter Zoe Hancock…. They were by far the glue that held our wedding together. Being a rather type A bride, in the planning process I was happy to be really hands on, and they were so great about letting me be hands on when I wanted to, but also being totally great about stepping in when I needed it. They also pointed us in the direction of several fantastic vendors – DJ, photographer, seamstress, beauty and caterer. Several weeks out from the wedding, they put together a super detailed timeline, confirmed EVERY single detail with EVERY vendor and made sure that every single thing ran perfectly on our wedding day. I really cannot emphasize enough that the money I invested with them was by far, the most valuable money I spent, they were truly amazing. Day of, I showed up at the venue about noon, they put a mimosa (or 2, or 3 :) ) in my hand, and I relaxed and visited with my bridal party while I got ready. I didn’t have to lift a finger or worry that anything hadn’t been managed. During our event, they were SO on top of things – making sure that our event was flowing as it should and making sure that everyone – most importantly myself and my husband – were having a wonderful time. They are amazing. I cannot recommend them enough.”

~ Mrs. R.G., Mesa, AZ

“Organized and Professional! I can’t believe how comfortable I felt arriving to do the makeup for my bride…” Read More

“….Before the wedding I received time lines and updated time lines with all of the contact information I could possibly need. During the wedding she was such a delight, she was on-point with all of the brides’ and bridesmaids’ needs. I would highly recommend her services to any bride that is looking for a planner to create a stress-free day.”

~ Jen Bernhardt-Make Up

“…..The Staff of Mrs. Hancock’s Wedding Consulting & Planning are always at their best…” Read More

“If you are planning any event, especially a Wedding of your Dreams, they will tend to every little detail! As a Master Disc Jockey, and Event Coordinator myself, it is of great pleasure to have a “team” that I can work with & trust that they will work as hard or even harder to make sure everything runs smoothly “behind the scenes” of your Special Event. Whatever the cost, it is a true Investment in your event’s Success! Zoe & Staff, Congratulations on one more successful day for a beautiful bride, and great lasting memories for the family!”

~ Joe Martin Disc Jockey Entertainment

“There is no way for me to express how much our planners made our wedding day a great moment in our lives. Zoe and her Staff were a joy to work with…!!!” Read More

“Their experience and professionalism shine through with every idea they share and task they handle. Dave and I could not have enjoyed our day without having Zoe and Amy there. When we were in our limo, heading to the hotel, I turned to Dave and said, “Look at all they did. I can’t believe for a moment I thought of handling our wedding day all on our own!” Dave said, “I don’t even want to think what that would have been like. We wouldn’t have enjoyed a moment.” Many thanks!!!!! If you think for a moment you need a planner, you do, and Zoe and her staff are the best!!!!”

~Mr. and Mrs. D.H., Cave Creek

“Zoe and her team were amazing. With very little time to get to know our Bride, they stepped in to make my daughter’s wedding day absolutely perfect…” Read More

“Even the unexpected obstacles were dealt with in such a manner that the day was perfect. Amber was able to relax and enjoy every single minute of her special day as she should. All of the recommendations were solid and we couldn’t have been happier with how the day turned out! I cannot begin to thank the two of you enough. If anyone asks me about the best value for my money, I will definitely tell them MRS. HANCOCKS WEDDING PLANNING /COORDINATING SERVICES“.

~ Mrs. B.W., Mother-of-the-Bride


“I truly enjoyed meeting and working with Zoe…!!” Read More

“They are not only exceptionally organized and professional, they are also very thoughtful and kind, continuously checking in with the bride and everyone involved to make sure everybody is happy and well taken care of. I would recommend them very highly, and sincerely hope I get a chance to work with them again! They played a HUGE role in making my friend Kelley Hurley’s wedding the happiest day of her life. Kelley told me several times that she would have gone CRAZY without this team, and never have been able to put it together without them! What a compliment!”

~ Miss C.W., Bridesmaid and Make-Up Aritst


“Talk about professionals!  Encore Creative was only one instrument in the wedding orchestra (metaphor) and they were sensation conductors (continuation of metaphor). We look forward to many more collaborations and we are officially a fan!”
~ Mrs. Stefanie Lerner of Encore Creative, Phoenix, AZ

“I had the honor in working with Mrs. Hancock (Zoe) and her colleague Amy on June 26th, 2010 at Sarah and Mike O’Brien’s Special Day at the beautiful Rio Verde Country Club…!” Read More

“We had a blast working together and their attention to detail is unbelievable. They went above and beyond the call of duty the entire night ensuring the Bride/Groom, Guests and all the other Vendors were well taken cared of! Some planners seem to actually “get in the way” and over-step their bounds a bit throughout the evening, but not Mrs. Hancock and her staff…they are awesome at what they do! Thank you ladies for a wonderful experience…I look forward to working with you again a lot more in the future! God bless you both.”

~ Chad Trapeur, Director of Fun (and Owner) of All-American DJ Company, Glendale, AZ

“You will not find a more professional team than at Mrs. Hancock’s. Their attention to detail, knowledge, and energy is impossible to find anywhere else..!” Read More

“Not only do they care about their client, but fellow vendors as well, treating us as part of their team. You cannot help but see the true passion they have for their work! My only complaint is that I didn’t meet them sooner!”
~ Todd Bedo, Photographer, Korea

“Zoe Hancock is OUTSTANDING!  She is a professional with a warm and caring personality…” Read More “I planned the majority of my wedding, but on the day of the wedding I knew I needed someone to rely on to make sure my vision was carried out. Prior to my wedding they contacted my vendors to verify details, walked the venue to understand the logisitics, met with the groom and I to answer questions, and were a sounding board. All vendors arrived on time and knew what was expected. Zoe made sure everything flowed nicely and greeted all our guests with enthusiasm. Everyone raved about Zoe’s staff and the level of service. If you are on the fence about hiring a coordinator – HIRE MRS HANCOCK’S WEDDING PLANNING – you will be glad you did! I give them a standing ovation!”

~ Mrs. C.W., Scottsdale, AZ

“So many tiny things, many of them never seen by the bride and groom and guests, go into making a wedding perfect…” Read More

“Zoe at Mrs. Hancock’s Wedding Consulting and Planning Services are the very best at those details, large and small. Having worked with them recently as an officiant, I got a chance to get a slightly bigger picture of their work, and they are simply amazing. They manage the process and the big day perfectly, and every obstacle is dealt with professionally, promptly, and with a smile. They coordinate with vendors early and often to relieve any worries the couple may have, and manage the event perfectly while never drawing attention. Mrs. Hancock’s Wedding Consulting and Planning Services has my very highest recommendation, and I look forward to working with them again.”

~ Mr. Rob Evans, Officiant at I Now Pronounce You

“Professional, personable, attentive, involved and pretty much just fantastic are only a few words that I can think of to begin to describe Zoe…” Read More

“I was so fortunate to have them be involved with the first wedding I photographed on my own as a professional photographer. I would recommend their services to anyone. I truly hope that I am fortunate enough to work with them again! Zoe…you’re the best!”

~ Mrs. Stacia Lugo, Photographer and Owner of MoxieMae Photography


“I just had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Hancock’s Wedding Consulting and Planning Services (as a vendor) for the Perez/Mendoza wedding…” Read More

“Your staff was great to work with. You not only supported the bride, but kept us in the loop every step of the way! Thanks Zoe, from everyone at Hannah’s Caramel Apples, especially Mike!”

~ Mr. Mike Madden owner of Cookies and Bloom and Hannah’s Caramel Apples

“How do we even begin to say thank you …. Zoe, you are a true professional…!” Read More

“They understand what it means to take care of the bride, groom, family, guests, vendors, etc….. Our guests raved about their service and attention to detail. We were on the fence about hiring a wedding planner for the day of our wedding, but we are thrilled we did. They made everything go so smoothly. They called vendors in advance to ensure all details were set, walked the venue, and spoke with us at length to understand our vision for that fairytale wedding. We could not have asked for a more amazing day and we thank Zoe for everything they did to make our dreams come true! We give them a standing ovation!”

~ Mr. and Mrs. S.S., Scottsdale, AZ


“They really took ALL of my stress away…!!!” Read More

“I would highly suggest any bride and groom to let Mrs. Hancock and Amy, and the rest of her team, to perfect your special day! Your wedding is the start of the rest of your lives together, so place the planning in the hands of some very talented and knowledgeable planners and coordinators!!! *Mrs. Hancock’s Wedding Consulting and Planning Services, of course!*”

~ Mr. and Mrs. J.M.

They really took ALL of my stress away…!!! I would highly suggest any bride and groom to let Mrs. Hancock and Amy, and the rest of her team, to perfect your special day! Your wedding is the start of the rest of your lives together, so place the planning in the hands of some very talented and knowledgeable planners and coordinators!!! *Mrs. Hancock’s Wedding Consulting and Planning Services, of course!*”

They really took ALL of my stress away...!!!Mr. and Mrs. J.M.

19 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Nancy A. Gonzalez says:

    What can I say to you Mrs. Hancock and your team you helped make my niece’s wedding a true pleasure relaxing day for her, her mom and maid of honor along with the rest of the party. I just love what you all do we had no worries if something came up you all took care of it. It was awesome! Without you I think we all would have been going crazy trying o coordinate things are selves. From getting water for anyone that needed it to tracking a sewing kit and everything I just can’t say or express how awesome y’all are. I watched you all coordinate things from the morning to the end you and your team are awesome. I would recommend you to anyone not just for weddings but for any major event. Hopefully one day I will have the chance to use your company when my daughter gets married. Thank you Mrs. Hancock I can’t say that enough. Melinda thank you for always being there for me too and don’t forget fanning napkins stack, take glass spin and walaa fanned napkins. All of you guys were awesome just can’t remember everyones names you were always on the go. May God bless you all and keep you safe and happy in all you do. Your are the GREATEST. I just kept saying that all night to everyone.

    • admin says:

      Mrs. Gonzalez: It was our great pleasure to be of service to Katherine, Jonathan and your families. We thank you kindly for your lovely words and are so grateful that you were pleased with our services. It’s what we live for!

  2. Connie White says:

    Mrs Hancock and her team are OUTSTANDING to work wth! We were vendors together on a wedding on 10/14/11 and their professionalism was top noch. The bride and groom and their families were over joyed with the service delivered that evening. They went above and beyond to make sure every detail was attended to! We would highly recommend Mrs Hancock’s Wedding Consulting for you wedding.

  3. Mrs. C. L. V. Robinson says:

    Mrs. Zoe Hancock and Mrs. Hancock’s Inc. provide excellent service. Excellence doesn’t mean nothing goes wrong, excellent service is genuine care for people, the ability to recover when things don’t go as planned, and attention to detail.
    I was ecstatic when my best friend and partner asked me to be his bride. When we decided to marry in Phoenix Arizona I knew we would need some help with planning and coordination. Besides both of us being transplants with no family living here, I was busy with graduate school and we both have full-time jobs. Our friends laughed at us when we said we were looking for a wedding coordinator. Yes, with most of our friends getting married, they had vendor contacts and ideas. But they had never met Mrs. Zoe Hancock. We walked into our first appointment with Mrs. Hancock and her team with a dream of feeling elegant on our wedding day, and also incorporating our fun island cultures. We had dreams … but no idea of how to step by step make the feeling a reality.
    Mrs. Hancock, you are worth your weight in PLATINUM. When we wanted a downtown Phoenix venue, you helped us find Bentley Projects. When we wanted funky decor, you connected us with Encore Creative. We needed someone to capture memories, not just take pictures, you suggested Christopher Maddox Photography. You helped us review and re-review our vendor contracts; you even got us discounts! And negotiated to get us what we wanted within budget. Most of all, when I started to freak out about my personal look, THANK YOU for offering to go dress shopping with me – you melted my heart. This is not something that a wedding coordinator normally does; this is something that a wedding coordinator who recognizes her bride’s needs does. This is someone who genuinely cared about me.
    The days leading up to our wedding were very stressful for me. Thank you for taking over and allowing me to rest and to spend time with friends and family who traveled from afar to attend our wedding. You made sure every vendor was prepared and on duty. Further, because of all the distractions, I started forgetting details I intended. Thank you for not forgetting the look we were going for, even upgrading the pen to sign the marriage license to match the elegant, but fun theme. Only YOU, Mrs. Hancock would think of the pen. Thank you and your team for also upgrading the bathroom, the snacks, making sure we had water behind the scenes. You were amazing!

    • admin says:

      Your vision for your day was tremendous Cavene and, we’re so grateful, truly to have been a part of you and Andre’s wedding day! It was a beautiful event and we’re proud to have been with you!

  4. Sandra Parker says:

    Hi Mrs Hancock !! Oh what a wonderful wedding day we all experienced ! You and Kelley were especially “on” all day and it made the day relaxed and fun. Caitlin and Victor had a grand time – they were pampered and fussed over and happy as they could be. Thank you so very much for all the attention to detail, your perfection, the kindness expressed and the little touches that made all the difference. We are so happy to know you and your team and we wish every bride and groom could have Mrs Hancock as their wedding consultant ! Fondly, Sandy Parker

    • admin says:

      Dear Sandy; our lovely Fairy Godmother! How fortunate Caitlin and Victor are to have such a loving family. You were all such a pleasure to get to know and to spend time with–I love how being with your families is akin to being in a proverbial laugh track. We were very honored to be a part of your big day and to see Caitlin and Victor’s vision come to fruition. We know they’ll be a loving and great team and wish them every happiness. Thank you for taking the time to write and for your kind words. We hope to see you all very soon. With Love, Mrs. Hancock

  5. Majo Mansour says:

    My wedding was July 28th , 2012. at church and then reception was at royal palms. i thought i had every thing done and i just needed coordination on the day of the wedding. i meet with Mrs. Hancock; Very Professional in every way you can think; very organized, always there to help you, never busy to answer any question, has an answer for everything or a solution. She goes over and beyond any expectations and makes sure that every thing is perfect. she had a great team that know exactly what they are doing. I would for sure recommend her to any one who wants a perfect event. she made this day perfect , Great Wedding Planner and a Great person. Thank you so much

    • Mrs. Hancock says:

      Majo; thank you so very much for your kind words. It was a pleasure being with you on your very special day and you made the whole process fun and exciting! You were such a beautiful Bride and I’m so happy you’re happy–that’s what it’s all about! You and William have our very best wishes for your future together.

  6. James "DAD" Holmes says:

    Not sure where to start here; guess I’ll just begin with a very special and sincere “thanks” to Zoe and Mrs. Hancock’s, Inc. !!! I have had the fortune of being the MC/DJ for weddings from Arizona to Rocky Point, Mexico to Las Vegas and never have I seen such organization and attention to detail. Jeez! The best way to describe it all, I guess, is to say one would believe it was Zoe’s own daughter or son getting married instead of my little girl and her, now, husband. Zoe truly embraced Charissa and Jose, almost like a mom, and walked them to the best day of their lives. The wedding at Xavier and the reception at the Phoenix Country Club were perfect primarily because of Mrs. Hancock’s Inc. I have so much more to say, everyone knows how I am when I get an audience :) , but I’ll just conclude this by saying I would certainly recommend “Mrs. Hancock’s, Inc to anyone who plans to wed and wants their day to be as special as my daughter and my new son’s day was. ***Caution***! Zoe is a “stickler”!!

    • admin says:

      Dear Dad Holmes: Thank you SO much for your lovely words; I hope I wasn’t too hard on you! :) I adore your Family and it was my great pleasure to get to know and work with Jose and Charissa. They are wonderfully suited and our team wishes them the very best in the years to come. They deserve every happiness. Thank you for being the amazing Father you are….your Daughter’s adore you (and I do, too)! ~Zoë

  7. Cortney Holmes says:

    I am not sure what tense to write this in or who I should be addressing in this testimonial. Should I address Zoë?
    Should I address the potential clients? I just can not decide which would be more compelling but I need to choose the right one because all I want to do is write something that will do justice the wonderful, heartfelt work that Zoë and her company did for my lovely sister! The longest moments that I got to see Zoë in action was, of course, on the wedding day and I was just so impressed with everything! I found myself wanting to play both Maid of Honor and little Wedding Planner wanna be!! =) Zoë and her team really just made everything a pleasure to be a part of.
    Mrs. Hancock’s orchestrated everything so well that not only did it allow my sister to enjoy her beautiful day and night, but it even “runneth” over into the weeks after. My sister really hit the jackpot in finding Mrs. Hancock’s and I have been singing Zoë’s praises every since and will continue to do so!
    I hope for the day I can call on you Zoë =)

    P.S. Zoë can even tie a fierce and fancy pony tail when things get too toasty on the dance floor!
    <3 Cortney

    • admin says:

      I will be here for you my Beautiful-Bride-To-Be!!….your Family really made our whole day so much fun and it was so wonderful getting to know you all. THANK YOU for your lovely and warm words; my job can be so rewarding and even more so when our hard work is appreciated. Thank you, Cortney. xoxox ~ Zoë

  8. Charissa Lopez says:

    Oh my goodness! What can’t I say about how wonderful Mrs. Hancock and her staff are. She completely understood our needs and just got who we were as a couple from day one. I always felt comfortable working with Zoe and had 100% confidence that our day would be perfect, and it was! I had a lot going on in my life beside the wedding and I certainly couldn’t have accomplished a fraction of what needed to be done without her. She always had my back and I will never forget that. She’s the kind of person that you will want to keep close throughout your event planning and beyond. Thank you Mrs. Hancock!!!

    • admin says:

      Charissa–thank you so much for your lovely testimonial. It was wonderful having the year getting to know you and Jose and I look forward to years of fun and friendship. We’re so glad we could be with you on your wedding day! ~Zoë

  9. Michelle Robinson says:

    My husband and I had a beautiful backyard wedding on October 20, 2012. The day went smoothly and we haven’t stopped hearing the compliments roll in. When people ask how it went, my only response is, “It was absolutely perfect!”. I really don’t think I’d be able to say so if it weren’t for Mrs. Hancock and her wonderful team.
    With the wedding taking place at my parent’s home, we had no venue coordinator. My parents needed to be able to enjoy the day as much as I needed to. Being event professionals, I can honestly say Mrs. Hancock had her work cut out for her! We are all so hands on, that it was a tough job both for her and us, to keep our hands off of the day-of wedding business. She did and excellent job, I rarely emerged from the back bedroom where all of the girls and myself spend the early part of the day…drinking champagne, getting ready, laughing and taking pictures. Mrs. Hancock’s attention to detail and eye for excellent quality allowed me the peace of mind to sit back and enjoy my day.
    Every bride is different. I say with confidence, that Mrs. Hancock is the perfect fit for every bride. For brides that are using a venue, don’t you want someone who’s working for you and not for the venue? Whether you’re getting married at a venue, in a park, at a private residence or at your favorite lounge, the experience and expertise that Mrs. Hancock will afford you is invaluable.

    • admin says:

      Michelle, it was such a pleasure being of service to you, your new Husband and your Family. We’re so very glad you were pleased with our work and thank you for your kind words. They mean the world to us. We’re so happy to have been with you and to see you start your new life! We wish you much happiness in the years to come. ~Zoë

  10. Jing and Steven says:

    In little over a month, Zoe Hancock, planned the perfect wedding for us. She planned the wedding from day one to the day of the wedding. She displayed all the attributes of a great wedding planner; with the utmost organization, detail orientation, she was flexible, and thoughtful. She simply got things done. She was well knowledgable about the ins and outs of the one day we needed her resources the most. She has connections and influence with vendors throughout the valley. She looked over the contracts with vendors before signing them getting the best deals and making sure we didn’t miss anything. She will go out of her way, even to the west valley in our case, to meet with you anytime, and was there in our initial meetings with vendors which helped us ask the right questions, and make the right decisions. May be most importantly, she gave us peace of mind, not just with the planning, but emotionally. She has done hundreds of weddings and has had experiences with all sorts of situations, which we of course we had one of our own, and she guided and supported us along the way. She is an expert communicator and assists with communication among you, the vendors, the venue, and your family. I’m sure you’ll be happy with her as we were!

    • Mrs. Hancock says:

      Jing and Steven; wow, you just made me teary-eyed. Thank you. We really love what we do and when our clients are as special and kind as you, it so makes the whole process fun and rewarding. It was our honor and pleasure to be of service. Thank you for your kind words. Love, Zoe

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