Who Says You Can’t Teach An ‘Old Dog’ New Tricks?

Are you a young, up and coming professional who feels you need more polish?

Knowing you could use a leg up, is half the battle. Don’t be intimated, remove the stigma; we can help. There’s no better time than the present to increase your level of confidence, poise and self-esteem!

  • Be the person everyone flocks to at a social gathering. Good manners makes you great Company!
  • Become the person who looks forward to meeting new people and exploring new places, because of your new found sense of confidence
  • Stop worrying once and for all about whether or not you’re doing things "the right way"…

We will coach you in the art of small talk, proper dress, color choices and fit, poise and posture, proper table etiquette; dating or making a great impression during employment interviews and, more! Whether you're 23 or 63, we're here to help. Please contact our office and speak with Mrs. Hancock. There's no time like the present to change your life for the better and you will have fun in the doing!

The note below is from one of our Adult Clients.

We get phone calls and notes like this all the time…it's quite heart warming, knowing that we indeed are making a positive difference in people's lives. We can help you too, but you have to take the first step!

"Dear Mrs. Hancock,

Thank you for helping me in the last few weeks to discover my self worth (that was) hidden for so very long. I harbored so many ill wills, concerns, worries and past experiences that held me back from continuing in the future. I realized some behaviors definitely had to change and if I ever want to attain true happiness in my career, family and work relationships I had to squash the "Gremlin" and stay in my power. You provided the tools, but I had the instructions to put it all together to make it work. All it took was someone to tell me to write down all the things that have been bothering me from the past to the present and not to be ashamed of hiding what I experienced through displaying emotion. I realized that bad things happen to everyone and what makes the difference between someone who holds on to those experiences vs. someone who doesn't, is the choices we make. Although I’m "8" working on the "1-10" (success meter), I know that I will get there real soon with the instant improvements and realizations that I’m worth it. I will continue my morning mantra, make more effort to socialize, heal relationships and give myself self care inside and out.

The shy awkward girl may not be as strange as she thought she was. Thank you for all your help and I look forward to staying in touch.

Most Sincerely..."

Name withheld to protect our Client’s privacy