"You turned our wedding from something great, into something people dream about..."

Your Investment

We understand that you want to know now what your investment costs are going to be for a Full-Service Planner or Day-Of Coordinator (or perhaps you'd like a mingling of the 2 services!).

Here is some of the basic information we need to know in order to quote you an approximated or set price:

Pricing can be based on:

  • The number of venues for your day; Church, Temple, Reception hall, Tea Ceremony, etc., etc.
  • The number of Guests you're expecting
  • How large is your Wedding Party?
  • Do you have an interest in Full Service Planning or
  • Day-Of Coordinating?
  • Do you just need a venue and/or vendor referrals and no help on the day-of?
  • Have you chosen a venue yet? How many event professionals have you hired to date?
  • Are you using your backyard or have you chosen a professional wedding venue?
  • Where is your venue located? (Are you in Phoenix/the Valley or marrying in Sedona, etc?)
  • Will our Staff need an over-night stay due to any travel involved?
  • How long will your day last? What time is your Ceremony....
  • Do you work full or part time/are you a student; what type of time do you have for planning/when are you available?

With this information, we should be able to afford you a quote very easily. No Planner worth their fee will ever quote you a flat amount for either planning or coordinating; there are just too many variables. Call us for a quick chat and we'll help you decide what services you really need.

Please understand; the interview process works both ways; let's have fun during the planning stages by making sure we're a great fit to begin with...remember: your initial consultation is gratis....call Zoë at the Office 602.234.1200