"You turned our wedding from something great, into something people dream about..."


Full Service and Day-of Wedding Consulting

Our Full Service or Day-Of Wedding Consulting Service will afford you a sense of control and ease, allowing you the opportunity to truly enjoy your day.

  • We'll make sure each attendant knows their role for the ceremony- we run your rehearsal
  • We'll build you a beautiful time-line so every vendor and delivery is on time-including your rehearsal day
  • We'll be sure your Ring Bearer and Flower Girl are Tutored
  • We communicate with every contracted Vendor along the way ensuring all requirements are met
  • We'll help you remember all the little details that you most likely will overlook (we're the professional planners!)
  • We can refer top quality and vetted event professionals, that meet your budget and your vibe
  • We'll help you find the best venue for your budget and help negotiate for you (hire us BEFORE booking!)
  • We review every contract you may sign
  • We work for you--a venue coordinator works and serves the venue.
  • Cuing the music, the processional and more!

Why Hiring Mrs. Hancock's Is Imperative

How many people can you imagine would throw a possible formal and sit down party for over 70 people or more and not hire help? Exactly. We're happy to provide the help you need. For example; you may think you love that 'perfect' venue, but is it really perfect for you, your vision and most importantly, your budget? We know all the questions to ask and will help guide you in areas we know you haven't thought of. As professional wedding planners we know the walls Brides and Grooms can hit due to the emotion involved. We're objective, know the market and we will save you money. Your savings should, in a lot of cases, cover our fee!

While you may not need someone to assist with the menu or your dress or color choices or any number of your dream desires for your wedding day, we strongly advise hiring us to assist you for the months prior and the Day-Of... or consider using us for Full Service; we are here to assist and as much or little as you like.

We would love to educate you as to why we believe every Bride and Groom should have and need a Planner|Coordinator; our initial consultations are gratis! Need more information now? Please keep reading...

What does Full Service mean?

Full service means just that. We refer venues, vendors and visions that will fit your budget. We're with you every step of the way in every regard. From appointments, dress shopping, contract review, menu planning, color palettes, choosing decor and more. We'll build your time line, help with invitation design and of course, run the whole day. We'll help with follow-up phone calls and we do all the organizing, so that on your wedding day, you will have at least 2, to as many as 5 people to assure and maintain the day's proper flow; and to be sure you and your groom really enjoy your day. From the moment you wake up until you leave that evening for your Honeymoon Suite; we're there for you and your Family.

What does Day-Of Service encompass?

We'll help finalize your contracts and your desires for placement and decoration; build the time line for your wedding day and so much more. We refer top notch and value laden event professionals if you'd like and get all the answers to all the little items that may seem small, but indeed will make your day remarkable for all the right reasons. Depending upon the size of your wedding, you'll have at least 2 coordinators and we keep everyone on schedule throughout the day's events!

It sounds easy doesn't it?

Certainly seems like something you can handle? It very well may be, but if you want people running up to you, tugging at you the whole day long asking:

  • "What time will the limo be here?"
  • "Aunt Jo and Uncle Charles from NYC are lost; how do they get here?"
  • "Little Eric, where's the ring pillow?"
  • "When are we supposed to line up?"
  • "The photographer says He never received your check..."
  • "Where's Tiffany; your Mom; your Cousin Ilene, the Catering Manager?"
  • "What time are you going to throw the bouquet?"
  • "Are you ready to cut the cake now?"
  • "Should we ask Earl (who drank too much and is disrupting guests) to leave?"
  • "Where are our cards/gifts?"

...and more; then by all means, manage your wedding day yourself. But we'd prefer you leave all those details to us and our talented staff members. It's a once-in-a-lifetime event - don't have your day ruined by trying to manage it.

So, if you'd like to be kept out of this mix, free to spend time with your attendants, your guests, your new husband, then please reconsider. Even if you're the "Anti-Bride", there are still lots of things you'll really want help with... speak with any past Bride who didn't invest in a coordinator and they'll tell you that was the one piece missing for their day!

If you've got a high powered, stressful job then you really will need our help. Trust us! Some of our past Brides are uber-busy and they're so glad they hired us. We'll afford you contact phone numbers and e-mails if you'd like to speak with our past clients!

In closing, we will be sure everything runs smoothly, that you are insulated from the stress that transpires on your Wedding day; when it's all about you, not about everyone and everything else.

You will find Mrs. Hancock's Wedding Planners and Consultants, kind, professional, knowledgeable, helpful and excited to be of service and we won't break your budget either! Read some of our blog posts and visit our site often!

Contact Our Office

Please contact our office at 602.234.1200 and speak with Mrs. Hancock for a consultation. We can't wait to be with you on your special day! Mrs. Hancock's will provide you and yours, a sense of ease, control and confidence on your very special day.


We Love A Good Party

We love a good party and we certainly know how to throw one! From great ideas regarding food and libations to party games for adults or kids and so much more, we'll help you plan and show up to run your event, as well. Need help planning a corporate event; no worries!

Allow us to afford you a sense of calm and control for your big event. Whether it's a Corporate event, a 65th Birthday party or Brunch for your best friends, we can work with you to put together a soirèe that will be memorable and that you'll be proud of!


Are you planning a 20th, a 40th or a 50th Wedding Anniversary? Let us help; whether you're a busy Mom with kids and a full time, power job or a Husband who would like to surprise his Wife with a soirèe, we can assist. Perhaps your party is for your Parents' 50th? We have terrific venue relationships and can help put together as small and intimate or as large an event as you'd like.


At Mrs. Hancock's, Birthdays are a BIG deal!

At Mrs. Hancock's we know how to throw a great party! We're highly trained, insured and our personable staff will assist you with every question, need and desire for your special event. Whether you're throwing a birthday, graduation or Mitzvah, we can help you with every last detail and we'll save you time and money!


Ready for the "Big Walk?" We'd like to be right there with you-well, at least behind the scenes readying everything for your celebration.

Whatever theme you choose, University or High School you attended; the number of people or venue; we can make it happen for you and your loved ones. Go walk your walk and meet us at your preferred site for the party!


We are very excited to launch this line of business and to interact with the beautiful Hispanic people of our community. Yours is a culture rich with family, music, tradition and great food. It is without a doubt that the tradition of the quinceañera ceremony certainly falls within this purview.

As you may have read on our wedding planning/coordinating page, Mrs. Hancock's is one of the leading wedding and event coordinators in the state of Arizona. We help brides in many, many aspects of their wedding planning and coordination. For example, we offer brides full wedding coordination services from assistance in selection of the wedding venue to the cueing of the music to onsite meetings with vendors and ensuring all the bride's wishes and requirements are met and exceeded. On a lesser scale, we offer Day Of services which include finalizing contracts, placement of wedding décor, creating a bride's wedding timeline, follow-up on phone calls, maintain the day's flow to ensure the bride and groom truly enjoy the biggest day of their lives. More importantly, we provide a team of individuals as points-of-contact to ensure a beautiful and memorable production of a couple's very special day.

You will find Mrs. Hancock's Quinceañera planners and consultants to be kind, professional, knowledgeable and excited to be of service. We will not break your budget by respecting the financial resources you have allocated for this event.

For over 10 combined years in our event and wedding planning and coordination business, we have dealt with professional photographers; florists, bands, disc jockeys, caterers, limousine providers, videographers, invitation vendors, bakeries, make-up artists, hair stylists, churches and many other elements inherent in a wedding (or event). We take our wealth of experience in these areas and transfer our knowledge to our quinceañera division. It is truly the perfect marriage (pardon the pun!), that we extend our business and skill set to offer the same type of coordination services to those families seeking quinceañera coordination for a 15-year old's very special day!

By hiring Mrs. Hancock's Quinceañera Division, mom and dad can rest assured knowing their little girl's big day will go off without a hitch in a professional manner that reflects their mija's personality, wishes and desires. We will make sure on the big day, the quinceañera y sus padres are insulated from the stress that materializes from such an important event, by putting our expertise to work for you!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

We know how important the Jewish tradition of the Mitzvah is and we honor the ceremony and it's importance in your Child's and families' lives. Your children study and prepare and as you assist them with their upcoming now adult responsibilities for living The Torah and the 613 Laws, let us assist in the planning of the event itself. You're all working very hard on the true meaning of the day and we're happy to help with the fun stuff! Whether it be choosing the cake, invitations, menus, games and more, we always throw a great party.

Hostess for Hire

If you're a bachelor, unmarried gal, fun couple, Mom or otherwise and are throwing a party, hire one of our talented, fun Gals to do all the detail work for you! Enjoy yourself and let us schlep ice, check the oven, make sure your guests have their beverage of choice; are enjoying themselves; clean up spills, answer the door and more!

Funeral and Wake

Take care of yourself and your family

Take care of yourself and your family-it's what matters at a time like this. We know what you're going through. Take these matters and shift them to us.


Throwing a shin-dig for your Employees or Managers?

Whether you're a multi-billion dollar Corporation throwing a shin-dig for your employees or managers who may have flown in from NYC or Chicago or a local, established and home-grown Arizona corporation, we're always excited about helping you throw a fabulous party.

Our Social and Business Protocol services are available for your VIP attendees and we're always ready to bring in everything you need for a fabulous affair! We know the coolest venues; have connections with Ticket services for events and can really put together a grand time for you and yours.


What People Are Saying...

R.I.S.C. | TASER International fbo M.A.S.K.

Our Client's review (a privately owned, local corporation), who recently held a Networking event for the benefit of M.A.S.K. (maskmatters.org), in conjunction with TASER International in Scottsdale:

"Mrs. Hancock, your team was perfect in every sense of its definition. You thought of everything and our event flowed perfectly. I appreciate that you took control (especially since I like to control everything), and all I had to do was provide you with the date, location and time. You made me look like a fabulous host! Thank you for your professionalism and a special thanks to your team for being so accommodating! I will forever recommend you!"
~ Mrs. S.J.M., President

"I want to thank you, Mrs. Hancock, for providing your services for my fundraiser on January 8, 2011. You and your staff were very professional and did an excellent job. I will not only use you and your business in the future but I will recommend you and your business to anyone who will be having an event or fundraiser in the near future. Keep the great customer services going and I wish you good luck in the future."
~ David Burnell Smith, State Representative for District 7

"Mrs. Hancock and her staff are just AMAZING. On one hand, you have the ultimate strict and professional taskmaster (Zoe) creating lists, tackling problems, implementing solutions. There was not ONE aspect of my party that was not orchestrated like a well-oiled machine. I am amazed by the services provided and highly recommend them as the EXPERTS in any event planning. This fundraiser was for David Burnell Smith and my guests of honor were Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Barry Goldwater, Jr. Barry said it was one of the best political events he has ever attended. That says it all."
~ Gia Heller, Owner|Founder, Arizona Women/Men Networking and The National Business Experts

"Dear Zoe...Audi Peoria would like to congratulate you and your team on a job well done. I have had the privilege of receiving many compliments and we were all very impressed with the success of our Grand Opening on Wednesday, March 16, 2011... it was a major project and you and your team executed it efficiently and effectively-your attention to detail, your enthusiasm, passion and your tireless commitment contributed to an amazing end result...Audi Peoria would like to extend a heartfelt 'Thank You!'"
~ TJ LaPoint, GM, Audi Peoria